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Tyler C.S McGinnis


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Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA It was not until after graduating high school and moving to Fremont, NE, to attend Midland University on scholarship for football that Tyler began to pursue his passion for music with vigor. After graduating, he relocated to Seattle, WA in the summer of 2017, where he currently resides and has been making impressive leaps and bounds in his songwriting, performing, and overall musical identity during his time in the PNW. His creative spin on past and present experiences breeds songs that lyrically offer a sensationalized window into his life. Tyler boasts powerful vocal performances that mix rich styles of Americana and Alternative Country music with Southern Rock and a fresh twist of soulful melodies. His music will have you singing along to a good time drinking song, reminiscing about long lost love and the regretful or questionable choices of your past, then leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed, and in an all around good mood.

His primary focus in life is cultivating the growth of his band "The Hipocrats" whom he co-founded with his room-mate and co-songwriter, singer, and guitarist - multitalented musician Sarah Brunner. 

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